“I have had the opportunity to work with Andrea Berlin on two separate occasions and in two different capacities. In summary, Ms. Berlin is a highly talented and astute facilitator and conflict manager. In particular, she is adept at reading situations and getting people to listen to one another. More importantly, Ms. Berlin is willing to change agendas to accommodate the needs of her client.

Ms. Berlin was brought into our organization to address significant conflict among the executive committee of a large non-profit board. After spending less than 24 hours with us she was able to identify our problems, help us own them, and assist us in working towards a common solution. Moreover, she provided us with a roadmap for continuing our progress with the larger board and gave us tools for working on our problems in a constructive manner.”

– Rebecca Lunstroth

“Andi Berlin earned my highest recommendation, one that comes with neither reservation nor doubt.

I write because I have worked closely with her in a series of collective deliberative processes and have sought out her wisdom individually.

Andi’s special gifts are shared freely with those who are privileged to work with her.  Andi has the talent, patience, and insight to disentangle the individual strings of the complex knotty matters involved with our being human.  I have relied, and will continue to rely on Andi’s gifts of analytical, creative and practical insight.”

– Rabbi Douglas E. Krantz

“Andrea Berlin is an extraordinary individual, with deep sensitivity and insight into personal interactions. She understands what people need in order to reach understanding and conciliation, and how to enable all involved to hear each other and communicate their needs.”

– Dan Fendel

“Andi is creative, energetic, insightful, and diligent. She knows how people interact and has a great feel for how to solve problems, whether of a programmatic, interpersonal, or organizational nature. If your business or non-profit is looking for help, there is no better person to go to than Andi. I recommend her highly.”

– Rabbi Eric Yoffe

“I (as board president) contracted with Ms. Berlin to help design and facilitate a two-day leadership retreat for this same board. Ms. Berlin worked closely with me to design meaningful experiences that enabled us to work better with one another and successfully led a number of working sessions that addressed a number of goals I had for the retreat.

Ms. Berlin has an incredible demand of her audience unlike any consultant I have worked with and as such, is able to quickly build trust and move the agenda along at a quick pace. That said, she also is quick to pick up when changes are necessary or when a particular issue needs additional airing. Ms. Berlin also has excellent follow-up and delivers reports and other deliverables in a timely and professional manner. In conclusion, I strongly recommend her and would not hesitate to contract with her again in the future.”

– Board President, Houston

“Andi is a true professional and wonderful person to work with. With all my heart, I recommend Rabbi Andi Berlin to anyone and everyone.”

– Rabbi Harry Manhoff

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Rabbi Berlin for over 20 years. Not only is she extremly insightful and professional, she’s also a joy to work with. She’s a great listner, understands people, and is deeply caring. She strives to create “win-win” situations when conflict is present, and is great at trouble shooting.”

– Rabbi Mona Alfi

“Andi Berlin sees the world — and helps others to see it — through a lens focused on compassion, compromise, and cooperation. She is a caring human being and a highly skilled professional whose work will strengthen and enrich organizations and the individuals associated with them in innumerable ways.”

– Jane Herman

“Andi maintains a high level of professional ability, experience and dedication. Her soul allows her to get to major issues of conflict while keeping a sense of fairness and focus.”

– Rabbi Richard Address

“Very smart and infinitely user friendly!”

– Cathee Weiss

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