Peter Principle

In 1969, Laurence J. Peter and Raymond Hull wrote a book. It was meant to be funny. Though, with most things humorous, its hilarity rested on its truth. The book conceptualized the “Peter Principle”.

In many organizations, those who are good at what they do get promoted. And they keep getting promoted. In fact, they get promoted until they reach a level beyond their own competence. This is referred to as the Peter Principle. Brilliant academics are asked to chair their departments. Strong teachers are given administrative positions overseeing others. Dynamic rabbis move into large congregations where they become the CEO. Talented doctors are promoted to chief of their medical field.

All too often, the academics and teachers and rabbis and doctors, while top of their fields, may not have the managerial or leadership skills necessary for their new roles. Their negotiating skills, organizational expertise, communication skills, delegation or financial knowledge may be lacking. They may be so comfortable with the status quo; they do not have the management creativity or strategy to be effective change agents.

If an organization finds those who have been promoted into leadership, administrative, or managerial positions lacking in the new set of talents these positions demand, what does it do? Should the employee be terminated? Demoted back to his or her original job?

I believe the employee should be given the skills and training necessary to excel at his or her new position. Berlin Consulting, LLC offers several types of coaching; one of which address this issue head on.

We build off the success a professional has already enjoyed in his or her career. We create a training program specifically geared toward the skill set of each professional. We target the areas in which he or she needs the most growth.

There is a reason someone gets promoted into a position. This person has valuable talents, skills and experience. This professional simply needs the other tools necessary to allow these treasures to shine.

In order to understand how our coaching can help your organization, please feel free to contact us.

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