Things are Moving Fast

As Shabbat is approaching (Friday night to Saturday night) this will be my last blog before I am on the ground Monday.

Fabiloa Santiago asked Miami reads if they would accept a prison camp for immigrant Cuban children in Miami-Dade? Her article gets to the heart of why I am going. As I explained in my first blog, I cannot help the Jewish children desperately seeking asylum during WWII. Their historic pain rings in my ears. Who am I, then, if I turn my back on children seeking asylum now?

In order to make witnessing as powerful as possible, we have been increasing our coalition and contacting press. Here are the updates:

  • Several local and national reporters have asked me to send them reports while I am there and after I return.
  • According to Joshua Rubin, those currently on the ground are managing the guards at the detention center and the local police.
  • There are coalitions who will soon announce actions we can all take.
  • The Religious Action Center has been involved with Homestead and will receive my updates.
  • CCAR member, Rabbi Josh Whinston, will be able to join the clergy tour of the facility on March 5th (I have to be in NY that day).
  • I am still waiting to hear from staff at Health and Human Services if I will able to see the facility while I am there. However, knowing Rabbi Whinston will be going makes this feel less urgent.
  • According to weather reports, there will be thunderstorms the majority of the time I am there. Having not experienced thunderstorms in many years, I do not know how this will impact my ability to witness.

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